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I'm Trisha. I'm here to inspire you to live your best life ever!


I am a born Clairvoyant – meaning I have had intuitive/psychic abilities since birth.


I had precognitive (future predictive) visions as a child and knew things that were outside one's normal ability to know. 

After studying business and anthropology in grad school, I became a federal park ranger and spent time tuning into nature and animals in national parks along the west coast and Pacific Northwest.

While visiting family on vacation, I was hit by a drunk driver and ended up chronically ill and in pain for many years from injuries and undiagnosed acute Lyme disease (now diagnosed).

Using mostly holistic methods, I slowly healed from debilitating health issues, and began inspiring others to move past their challenges and align with their soul purpose.

I have an innate ability to feel frequency and resonance – I sense things and see things beyond normal perception. I can tune into someone's soul, and then tune into areas of their life, and feel what are the best possibilities and choices for them at this time.

I can also track energy back into the past to uncover what traumas or challenges are still causing problems in present time, whether physical, mental or emotional.

For those wishing to reach their highest potential, or simply wanting life to be happier and easier, I'm an intuitive, guide, coach and spiritual teacher. 

Background and Training


* Professional Intuitive

* Professional Coach: Life Coach training via Institute for Life Coach Training, Master's degree track

* Havening Practitioner: trained with Dr. Ron Ruden and Dr. Steven Ruden, 2016

* Natural Vision Improvement Coach: Bates Method trained with trained with Claudia Muehlenweg, Syntonic Optometry with Dr. Ray Gottlieb

* Aura Color Practitioner

* Bioresonance Practitioner: trained in Austria with a Russian quantum physicist  

* Bach Flower Essences Practitioner

* Spiritual Medium: trained with James Van Praagh, Jennifer Farmer, Gordon Smith, Suzanne Giesemann among others

* Inspirational Speaker

* Visionary Artist

* Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique – QHHT Practitioner: trained with Dolores Cannon 2006
* Energy Medicine:
trained with Donna Eden since 2000

* Animal Communication: trained with Penelope Smith at Point Reyes National Seashore, and Sonya Fitzpatrick
* Energy Medicine for Animals: trained with Madison King and Donna Eden

* Professional Dowser: trained with Walt Woods, Joey Korn, Bob Mahaney

* Shamanic training with Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, Wallace Black Elk, John Perkins and Bernardo "Ipupiara" Peixoto among others
* Ordained Minister through Rev Willard Fuller's Lively Stones Fellowship

* Herbalism / Ethnobotany / Ayurveda training with KP Khalsa, Susun Weed and others in the Herbalist Guild

* Monroe Institute Gateway Voyage with Laurie Monroe, Joseph McMoneagle 1997

* HeartMath training with Howard Martin and Joseph Chilton Pearce on the Land at HearthMath headquarters in California 1998

* Master's Degree in Liberal Arts, Bachelor's degree in Business / Economics

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